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With our patented Titanium Elite pans, You can bake, braise, broil, sear, poach, brown or blacken WITH NO OIL! However, you can use oil if you wish, it's your choice. These pans are hand-forged and have no spray on coatings or teflon that could peel off into your food or create hazard to your health.

More about Titanium Elite:

Titanium - one of the hardest and strongest metals available in the world and is not effected or distorted by heat the way other metals are, which is why NASA uses it on a daily basis (ex; space ships, rockets, jet engines, submarines).

Titanium is a “pure metal” according to the Medical and Dental Industries. “No human allergies - Completely non-allergenic” (ex; surgical tools, hip replacements, knee replacements, tooth implants, heart valves).

Our TITANIUM ELITE cooking utensils are a welcome quality alternative to the short lived, mass produced cookware available in today’s market. Each unit is individually cast by hand in a unique chill casting process using only high grade alloy from German smelting works then the titanium surface is fused to the alloy cast insert.